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Electrifying Bradfield

Electrifying Bradfield is about doing what we can to support adoption of renewable energy within the Upper North Shore. We have a vision of a cleaner, cheaper energy future made possible by the electrification of our  houses and transport. This vision is heavily influenced by Saul Griffiths and 'Rewiring Australia'.

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  • What does the energy transition mean to me?
  • Why put solar on my roof?
  • How much will I save and how long is the pay-back period?
  • What financial incentives are available?
  • What do I need to do first?
  • Heritage implications?
  • Batteries?


Rooftop Solar workshops

Rooftop solar workshops have been expanded

  1. Register Tuesday 7th May at 6:30pm, Turramurra Seniors Centre/Community Centre 
  2. Register Sunday 19 May at 2:00-3:30pm St Ives Library Meeting Room
  3. Register Tuesday 21 May at 6:30pm, at the Gordon Library, Meeting Room 1. SPECIAL TOPIC - strata

Thank you for attending. We had a great turnout. Please consider becoming a member so as to be further involved with Electrifying Bradfield.

Why Electrify?
How to Electrify a Household

Confronting Aussie Myths about Climate Change!

Confronting Four Aussie Myths About Action Against Climate Change!

In reading and listening to much corporate and social media commentary and in conversations I have with people there seem to be four very common Aussie myths about  climate change and energy and actions we need to take!

All of these myths need to be challenged!

MYTH 1: ‘Coal exports are essential to our future economy’ – WRONG!

'Weather and Climate: What's the difference?'

 This is a question I am asked often when people talk to me about ‘climate change’

Simple answer – 

 WEATHER – is the day-to-day conditions of things like:

*sun [sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy, overcast] and temperature, [hot,warm,cold]

*precipitation [drizzle, showers, rain, dew, frost, rain, storms, hail, snow]

*wind - strength[gentle, light, strong, gale, tornado] & direction

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  • Promoting electrification, efficient housing and transport?
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Car charger

Electrification around the house

Household electrification


If you are looking for places to recycle some more things that you can't- shouldn't be-putting into local council bins - here are a few suggestions: 

Officeworks Stores generally accept:

* mobile phones; DVDs; CDs; USBs; ink and toner cartridges; computers and accessories

Aldi stores - have receptacles for batteries  [and hearing aid suppliers often accept hearing aid batteries for recycling] 


New technology sodium-ion Household and Commercial Storage Batteries

* From Faradion website - check it out! Watch the video!  Check out the Na-ion website!

* Faradion is a UK company [now also based and selling in Australia as Nation Energie, Level 2, 1 Collins Street, Melbourne

* They have produced and are selling batteries based on salt crystals! - no lithium or cobalt here! - just saltwater!!

* The batteries are made from recyclable plastic - so all components are recyclable - over and over again!

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