How to Electrify a Household

Confronting Aussie Myths about Climate Change!

Confronting Four Aussie Myths About Action Against Climate Change!

In reading and listening to much corporate and social media commentary and in conversations I have with people there seem to be four very common Aussie myths about  climate change and energy and actions we need to take!

All of these myths need to be challenged!

MYTH 1: ‘Coal exports are essential to our future economy’ – WRONG!

'Weather and Climate: What's the difference?'

 This is a question I am asked often when people talk to me about ‘climate change’

Simple answer – 

 WEATHER – is the day-to-day conditions of things like:

*sun [sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy, overcast] and temperature, [hot,warm,cold]

*precipitation [drizzle, showers, rain, dew, frost, rain, storms, hail, snow]

*wind - strength[gentle, light, strong, gale, tornado] & direction