Electrifying Bradfield promotes the adoption and use of Renewable energy systems by households, businesses and communities. Electrifying Bradfield seeks to work with other community groups and educational institutions to increase the knowledge relating to modern and renewable energy systems. 

* A major focus of our work is school and community education.  David Smith and Janine Kitson, both founding members of Electrifying Bradfield Inc.,have teaching backgrounds in primary and secondary education. David also has long experience in curriculum research, design and development, particularly in environmental education.  As a  teacher educator he has worked not only in a number of universities but also as an academic partner with principals, teachers and students in schools in the public, independent and Catholic systems across NSW. 

* The Education section of our website provides a range of resources. They  are designed to engage young people in issues related to renewable energies and sustainability of natural and human environments.

** For the first time, the 2022 revision of the National Australian Curriculum now includes the concept of 'Sustainability'. Sustainability is now a 'cross-curriculum priority' of the Australian Curriculum. This means that every school, every teacher, every classroom should be including 'sustainability' in their programs and teaching. As a 'cross curriculum priority' it is a concept that has relevance for every subject, some moreso than others. The resources provided on our website are selected and designed to help achieve the outcomes of the primary and junior secondary school Key Learning Areas [subjects].  

* The website resources include references, picture books and novels, exercises, activities and problems to solve. They are all open-ended in their structure and designed to engage students actively in exploring and investigating issues related to creating and living in a sustainable world. Most of the activities use simple and easily understood language and can be completed by young people individually. However, completing the investigations in pairs or groups will result in more powerful learning. Having teachers structure the problems and investigations and work with students will make the learning more effective and even more powerful.

The resources are feely available to anyone - students, teachers, parents, grandparents, etc! Just download and use! We would welcome any feedback/suggestions/criticisms.     


You can teach anything to any child of any age as long as it is structured appropriately (Jerome Bruner, ‘The Process of Education’ &  ‘Man: A Course of Study')  

'Sustainability' is complex BUT structured effectively 5 and 6 year olds can understand!  &   ALWAYS EMPHASISE  THE POSITIVE ACTIONS THAT ARE HAPPENING & ACTIVE HOPE!

Transdisciplinary links, writing across the curriculum, arts-rich strategies in each KLA; current affairs -> news file and ‘media sleuths’   [by D.Smith  10/23]

Education resources

* Here are some examples of mathematical problems for classroom and beyond using data/information about sustainability themes.

* Some examples are suitable for Stage 1 and Stage 2, others for Stage 3. 

*Problems can be made simpler or more demanding to suit different student ability and experience levels. Figures in brackets are suggestions of how they might be made more difficult. 

*All of them will be more effective with teacher support, structuring and guidance - and learning will be deeper and more powerful! 

*Here are some suggestions for student projects around themes of RENEWABLE ENERGIES and SUSTAINABILITY. They are in no particular order. 

* Every project is designed as an inquiry/investigation! Each one invites young people to learn more about living more sustainably and the use of renewable energies.  THERE ARE NO 'RIGHT/CORRECT' ANSWERS TO ANY OF THE ACTIVITIES!!