Electrifying Bradfield is a community organisation committed to applying renewable energy. "Bradfield" refers to the federal electorate covering the leafy upper northern suburbs of  Sydney including the suburbs of Terry Hills, Gordon, Lindfield (and others). The vision is to harness renewable technologies and community power to further evolve this already liveable, leafy, human friendly place and enhance for future generations.

Why electrify Bradfield? 
Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby residents decided they wanted to make a difference to the challenges of our times - the climate emergency by grassroots community action.

What is the goal of electrifying Bradfield?
To encourage and support every household in the Bradfield electorate to generate, store and use renewable energy, principally from solar power and battery storage by 2032.

How will electrifying Bradfield be achieved?
Through community-based negotiated projects where residents are invited to invest in renewable energy infrastructure like solar panels, storage batteries and electric vehicles.

Why is electrifying Bradfield important?
It will help reduce Bradfield’s fossil fuel burning footprint and return benefits to the individuals and communities.

How is electrifying projects transforming the world?

  • There are 500 projects in Scotland generating 600 megawatts of renewable power for more than 200 communities.
  • 47% of power in Germany is generated by community-based renewable energy systems.
  • There are more than 150 community solar and wind energy generating systems in Australia – and that number is increasing rapidly every day.

The days of ‘big’ fossil fuel energy generating
systems is rapidly coming to a close – it is the beginning of the community-based renewable energy revolution.

Why is it important for communities to lead the way?
Joelle Gergis, a lead author for the International Panel on Climate Change in her book ‘Humanity’s Moment’ has eloquently and scientifically expressed: ‘the future of our Earth, our planet, our home, is in OUR hands!

We need to act now – not simply relying on politicians, but by taking positive action in our local communities.

Who thinks Electrifying Bradfield is possible?
Dr Saul Griffith, engineer, inventor and founder of
Rewiring Australia has told Ku-ring-gai residents that ‘Electrifying Bradfield’ with renewables
is indeed possible.

Why read ‘The Big Switch’? 
Dr Saul Griffith's book argues that the most
immediate and effective action we can take to address the climate crisis is to electrify everything in our homes - heating, cooling, hot water, induction cooking powered by solar with battery backup - and to drive electric vehicles.

Is 'Electrifying Bradfield' political?
No.  ‘Electrifying Bradfield’ is NOT aligned to any political party. It is entirely run by volunteers who have since mid 2022 held regular monthly webinars about renewable energy projects.

Who do I talk to if I want to get more involved?
Contact Dr David Smith,  

Financial disclosure Guide

Electrifying Bradfield is an incorporated organisation without Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits commission charitable status. The Electrifying Bradfield constitution can be viewed on request.

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