Thank you for responding to this survey! It is very much appreciated – we’re really interested in what you have to say – it will guide the decisions that we make in our goal to renewably electrify homes and businesses in the Bradfield electorate by 2040!

Anything you say is confidential. No responses from individuals will be made public or be identifiable.

We want the ideas from residents and business owners in the Bradfield electorate about climate change, its impacts and the actions individuals, communities and governments can take to lessen its effects. Please answer honestly – your answers will direct our actions! 

The survey is divided into sections. Please complete every section. Although it seems long many of the questions are alternatives – you can do it in 10-15 mins! 

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Are you aware of renewable/green energy?
Are you aware of how you can generate renewable/green energy?
Allows us to link your feedback to a broad area.