Electrifying Bradfield welcomes new members to our community. Electrifying Bradfield promotes benefits of electrifying households and enabling the use of community energy. Interests include climate awareness, speeding up community electrification based on renewable energy, social equity in renewable energy and better commmunities/neighbourhoods. This is a time of big changes in our energy systems and how that affects communities. Electrifying Bradfield would like communities to both have a say in these changes and be able to take advantage of them.

We welcome all who are eager to further these areas. Meetings are held once a month and events held regularly. 

There are two supporter categories. This is the membership sign up form. Membership allows you to vote at general meetings. In choosing this option, we welcome you to the Electrifying Bradfield community. 

Alternatively, if you do not want to become a member, please consider becoming a supporter by unchecking the membership option. Supporters may join our community and provide expertise, ideas, skills or financial support without the formality of becoming a member.

Together we can create a vibrant Electrifying Bradfield community.

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