* WEREN'T ABLE TO GET TO 'SUSTAINABLE FUTURES DAY' - St Ives Village Green - 30th September, 2023??    Well, no worries!  Now you can see what happened - and listen to all the speakers!

* Just go to - netzero.krg.nsw.gov.au/Community-Hub/Sustainable-Futures-Day,2023

* Then you can either watch a video of highlights for a glimpse of all that happened  OR

* Watch and listen to each of the speakers who presented!

* Make sure you have a look and listen to the presentation 'Planet Pens Journey' and find out what amazing things the students from Northside Montessori School at Pymble are doing in recycling plastic bottles!

*There are also lots of other wonderful presentations on, solar and other renewable energies, creating a sustainable house, the psychology of attitudes to issues of climate change - and much more! 

Electrifying Bradfield Inc. was well represented on the solar stall and in the music! 

You can also catch what David Smith, President of Electrifying Bradfield had to say about reasons for getting into solar energy! 

* Enjoy it all!  And lots of useful information! 

* The website also tells you how you can get engaged in renewable energy action!