* From Faradion website - check it out! Watch the video!  Check out the Na-ion website!    nationenergie.com

* Faradion is a UK company [now also based and selling in Australia as Nation Energie, Level 2, 1 Collins Street, Melbourne

* They have produced and are selling batteries based on salt crystals! - no lithium or cobalt here! - just saltwater!!

* The batteries are made from recyclable plastic - so all components are recyclable - over and over again!

* The batteries are 'sustainably made without lithium, cobalt or copper with therefore very low lifetime carbon emissions'

* Faradion claims:

@ 'Safer with low flammability, high flash point and discharge to Zero energy capability'

@ 'Powerful across temperatures from -20C to 55C'

@ '93% efficiency'

@ 'Designed to work with rooftop solar OR replacement for diesel generation in households and commercial industries'

@ 'At least 1/3 less cost than other batteries currently available'.

If you are in the market for a household or commercial/industrial storage battery - worth checking out!