* 'Ever worried, like me, about all the soft plastic you are putting in the garbage??  Well now there is a solution!         IT'S SIMPLE!      AND IT'S FREE! 

* Ku-ring-gai Council, along with a number of Sydney and regional councils, has teamed up with Recycle Smart.       [go to Ku-ring-gai Council website for further information]

* Recycle Smart collects and recycles all soft plastics - AND lots of other stuff - like clothes, shoes and textiles; E-waste, kitchen/household and music appliances, cookware,  DVDs and CDs [in good condition], printer cartridges, cosmetic and medical containers - and lots more!

AND IT'S EASY!   GO to Ku-ring-gai Council website here:   https://www.krg.nsw.gov.au/Home                                                                                           

Register as a customer!   Book a pickup!  [Yep! They come to you!]      AND START COLLECTING! 

* All you need is two plastic shopping bags to put your stuff in - recyclable ones-  even better! 

* Tell your Neighbours!  Even organise to start collecting as a group!  

* Live in units like me?? Get the whole building  collecting!  

* RECYCLE!  REUSE!  REPURPOSE!  - the more! The better for us - and the world we live in!!  The less fossil fuels we have to burn and the less energy we use to make less stuff to throw away!!

* Thank you Ku-ring-gai Council!!   And if you don't live in Ku-ring-gai check out the Recycle Smart website to see if your council is also one in the program! 

[David Smith, for 'Electrifying Bradfield Inc.]