If you are looking for places to recycle some more things that you can't- shouldn't be-putting into local council bins - here are a few suggestions: 

Officeworks Stores generally accept:

* mobile phones; DVDs; CDs; USBs; ink and toner cartridges; computers and accessories

Aldi stores - have receptacles for batteries  [and hearing aid suppliers often accept hearing aid batteries for recycling] 

Local Council Waste Sites [e.g., Kimbriki at Terrey Hills] has collection points for paint, computers and accessories, and e waste.

Repair Cafes [there are lots across suburban Sydney and region- you can Google to find your nearest one] are wonderful places to have lots of things [e.g., jewellery; small electrical appliances and tools; cycles; toys; sound equipment; even clothing and other material products repaired for nothing! - there are also lots of little clothing repair and alteration businesses in our suburbs - much better to repair/ alter and reuse than discard as rubbish!

The more we can recycle, reuse and repurpose the less energy we have to produce and use to make replacement products!

If you have more suggestions/ideas for recycling let us know!